Addendum To Our Great iPhone & iPad Report II.
by Magnamentis



Upon revelation of the iPhone 4 there where many speculations along with many questions and a good portion of skepticism. I shall try to provide my readers with a few answers to some of the frequently asked questions, while my main motive will be to underline exactly why the currently latest model of this most popular handheld is absolutely convincing, but also without forgetting to mention some of it's flaws. Flaws obvious especially to those who like the freedom of use as much as they hate to be forced into any kind of straitjacket.   

Even though this Report is about the iPhone, we have to consider the existence of the "iPod Touch" a device that does the greater part of what the iPhone does, except for example making phone calls of course. If you are an iPhone owner, you are probably thinking that there is no way to change from an iPhone to an iPod touch. Well, we are not trying to tell you otherwise, nevertheless we are going to tell you about a few circumstances under which you could find yourself in a position to consider exactly that, meaning to have an ordinary phone for some purposes and an iPod touch for other purposes. Please understand that we are trying to give you information as objective as possible, because only then can you make the most of your purchased devices and only then can you set yourself free from the mainstream. Since we strongly believe that users of an iPhone and/or of Apple Computers have a tendency to set themselves apart from the mainstream. Perhaps you remember the headline wish was: "Think different!" We felt that this is a fact that has to be considered while writing this report. If you believe that this statement applies to you, just have a look at:

and find out more about "Thinking different" but this time not in relation to the iPhone or Apple Inc. As we are fully aware that you are most probably reading this report because you are also most probably an iPhone owner or at least interested in buying one, we shall first pay full attention to the iPhone, before we are going to explain a few things about the various possible reasons why to buy which phone for what purposes. Anyway that would only apply for someone who wants or has to get the most for the least of expenses.


Let's start with the good news of which there is enough to tell.

A) WiFi 802.11n now built in. This allows to use the same wifi-n routers which you are using with your laptop and/or desktop computer, now with your iPhone as well. Till now some users who sported an early wifi-n router had to parallely install a wifi-g router so that they were able to use their iphone over their wlan networks.

B) Finally you can use some core applications simultaneously, thus opening an app like let's say mail, without automatically closing other running apps like for example music or photos. This is especially important for those of us who are using their iPhone for music, navigation as well as email & short messaging at the same time, i.e. while driving, jogging or whatsoever. The keyword for this is multitasking which was one of the things that i.e. Nokia users found it impossible to switch to the apple product.

C) Improved battery life by at least 30% compared to the 3GS model. I believe that battery life will remain an issue for all smartphones for a long time to come. The instant you need your screen permanently on like for navigation purposes etc., depending on the cell-signal or coverage, you can easily encounter an empty battery within 2 hours which is not really long for a nice ride with the bike. I mention motorbikes here because not so many bikes are sporting a 12V DC power outlet, while driving in a car is always an opportunity to recharge the device to full anyway, independent from the actual way of usage.

D) Much better camera equipment albeit I would say that the current 5MP camera is still not good enough compared to the widely available 8MP cameras or even the 12MB Zeiss camera used by Nokia with its N8. No the 5MP camera is the absolute minimum which can be considered as useful and one of the next steps will have to be an 8MP camera with Xenon flash. Any other kind of flash is a great disappointment, in fact to no avail really. Ok if you have to document a crime or an accident it could do but should you want to keep records of your beautiful wife or girl friend on a party at night you have to carry a real camera with you or another model with xenon flash.

E) Another great annoyance has been corrected. I'm talking about the rounded backside. It's nice to have the device finally laying stable on the desk. But not only that, it's also significantly slimmer and a more elegant appearance over all. Unfortunately a lot of this advantage has to be given away to get back perfect reception on calling and for protection. Albeit it looks great I don't think it was a wise decision to use glass for both sides. They will have to find another material for the backside while keeping much of the optical impression. Should be no problem.

F) Whether video calling and super resolution are features that count a lot for marketing purposes, similar to the old race of processor speeds between apple and windows machines, it is not really important, while the front camera on the other hand is a great step forward and allows for many great new apps to be developed to take advantage of it. G) Reasonable pricing along with the possibility to purchase the phone from apple directly without sim-lock or subscription. This was another kind of hand-cuffing that many users did not accept at all or at least not lightly.

G) Reasonable pricing along with the possibility to purchase the phone from apple directly without sim-lock or subscription. This was another kind of hand-cuffing that many users did not accept at all or at least not lightly.

Yet I have to mention a few shortcomings that should be resolved soon !

The iPhone is without any doubt the best device on the market when it comes to user friendliness and as far as the handling of the device is concerned. Unfortunately this is not the case as far as the freedom of use is concerned. If it comes to this subject there is nothing better than Nokia's Symbian OS and I can give you ideas as to why this is so.

H) Can you imagine that if you have a MacBook from Apple that you cannot synchronize your calendars and address book, music or photos over bluetooth? Yes, you need a wired connection for photos and music and you need at least cloud computing ( cost about 80$ per year,) over wifi or the same usb connection like for music and photos.

I) Further you cannot store files at will and drag and drop. Yes there is still jail breaking and there are apps that allow for certain correction of that problem but not really as it should be. Generally speaking, apples philosophical approach with it's iPhone comes closer to Microsoft's behaviors over decades with their windows operating system, but certainly has not much to do with apples approach with their personal computers which usually do exactly what it's users decide and not what a platform is ruling it's users to conform with.

J) The worst part of it is that under the purely commercial approach, some software like iPhoto and iTunes are developed away from their former simple and reliable, user friendly perfection to huge complicated and sometimes stupidly redesigned solutions with apparently just one remaining goal. To tap peoples valet at every possible opportunity.

There is nothing wrong with making money but only when I can choose to switch the channel like on a TV-Set. Certainly not when I depend on a software like iTunes because it's the only one that does the job and photo syncing at this level is still unreached by any other OS.

Photos, videos and music are core reasons to have a smartphone as opposed to a normal small light and much cheaper one. So far I would like to see the basics remaining basic while all the fancy and commercial stuff should be made accessible separately. And don't get me wrong, I'm talking about the impact of the iphone on the software of the bigger machines like desktop and laptop computers.

K) Even if apple is generally right about what they say about flash, the reality is different. Considering that high end customers are often users of edge technology and services I must say that 90% of all hosted business services I'm using are using flash and thus I have to use another device to work with. There is simply too much flash out there right now to ignore the fact and apple should never forget that being right and being better is no guarantee for continuous success. Think different is good but think 20 years back in your own history and learn from that history is also a good and beneficial idea.


What You Get By Now !
Next To Much More

- It's Very Thin

- Simulated GPS

- Lots of eye candy

- QuickTime Support

- Decent Web Browser

- 3 Megapixel Camera

- Excellent Voice Quality

- Excellent Battery Life

- Rapid Multi-touch Interface

- IPod With Video Functionality

- Large Scratch Resistant Screen

- Wireless Syncing Via Mobile Me

- Volume Control and Mute Switch

- Free Live Traffic Via Google Maps

- Conference call with up to 5 people

- Push Email Via Yahoo & Mobile Me

- Free Software Upgrades Keep Coming

- Microsoft Exchange Support is possible

- Call & Music Control From Headphones

- Ability To Use Other Applications While Talking

- View Word, Excel & PDF Documents is possible

- Screen That Works Under Bright Light Condition

- Built-in Speakers If The Use Of Headphones Is Not Welcome

- Visual Voicemail With Support For Rewinding As Well As Fast Forwarding

- Syncing Via Outlook Calendar And Contacts through iTunes works on Vista


Quite a few things we left out from this list on purpose, because they would do no real good to the iPhone when thought   to an end. Example #1 is a removable battery pack. Someone who is familiar to how much space is used for the compartments, which allows the battery to become removable, knows very well, that this is about trading battery life for removability and who really wants that? Especially since nowadays the batteries are capable to more than 1000 re-charging cycles and have an extraordinary endurance. Even losses of battery health of let’s say 20% after a two or three years might not affect the usefulness of the iPhone to an extent worth to mention. Another example might be a hard keyboard. That would certainly make the iPhone bulkier and then there are Bluetooth solutions. Further with more and more apps working in landscape mode, the keyboard allows very well an easy "two-thumbs" typing which is already faster  than typing on a hard phone-keyboard, except perhaps some of the larger "BlackBerry" keyboards and the "Nokia Communicator" keyboards. Again, feel free to submit   suggestions and other or complementary opinions  :


View The User Guide On The iPhone

- The iPhone User Guide, optimized for viewing on iPhone, is available at :

- View the guide on iPhone: In Safari, tap, and then tap the iPhone User Guide B'marks.

- Add an icon for the guide to the Home screen: When viewing the guide, tap, and then tap “Add to Home Screen"

- View the guide in a different language: Tap “Change Language” at the bottom make your choice


What You Need For The iPhone

- A wireless service plan with a carrier that provides iPhone service in your area

- A Mac or a PC with a USB 2.0 port  and one of the following operating systems:

- Mac OS X Version 10.4.11 or later, Version 10.5.7 or later is required to sync Notes & for using iPhone as a modem

- Windows XP Home or Professional with Service Pack 2 or later

- Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, or Ultimate edition

- Display resolution on your computer set to 1024 x 768 or higher

- iTunes 8.2 or later, available at

- QuickTime 7.6.2 or later To play videos recorded by iPhone 3GS on your computer



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